Strategic and Programmatic Consultancy

  • To subscribe to, or become a member of or to co-operate or amalgamate with any other association, institution or society with similar objectives
  • e -based policy advocacy for promoting inclusive and disaster resilient
  • To contribute towards integration and mainstreaming of disaster risk reduction concerns into development process
  • To promote and support public-private partnerships in development disaster management
  • To promote awareness and undertake capacity development progi change , disaster risk resilient and adaptation issues
  • To promote and support, systems and management practices in all sectoral as well as cross sectoral areas of development and disaster management

Awarness Programme

Training , Workshops and Seminars for all stakeholders

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Strategic and programmatic consultancy and advisory support services

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Research & Development

Research, case studies development, Knowledge Management, Planning and Designing of dissemination Tools.

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Community Based Plan

Preparation and Designing Strategies for Implementation of State Plan, District Plan, Local Govt. Plan and Community Based Plan

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Disaster Management

Preparation of Disaster Management Plans – Onsite/Offsite for Industries

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School Safety Plan

Designing strategies, campaign for School Safety and Providing Solutions Continuity Plan and Strategies

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Capacity Development

Solutions for Disaster Risk Reduction

Designing strategies and campaign for School Safety

Risk Assessment, Management & Transfer